Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines

  • Special Spare Parts
    • Melting Pot: 2 SETs
    • Plunger: 2 PCs
    • Steel Ring: 50 PCs
    • Nozzle: 4 PCS
    • Tool: 1 SET

  • Die Installation Dimension
    • JF-DC-H15
    • JF-DC-H30
    • JF-DC-H50
    • JF-DC-H120
  • Features
    • Fully automatic operation by computer.
    • Easy & safety operation.
    • Nozzle can be touched and removal.
    • Low pressure clamping to protect die.
    • Automatic temperature control ( Above H50 type are two stage control ).
    • One operator can take care of several machines.
    • Ejector equipment can be adjusted and pulled back elector pin.
    • Injection use two stage logic system.
    • Injection force & speed is adjustable.
    • Easy to change injection position.
    • Automatic spraying & sweeping.
    • Automatic coring device ( H15 special equipment ).
    • Operation will be Auto-Stop and will indicate when it is trouble.
    • Easy to change the melting pot & gooseneck.
    • Suitable for casting of zinc, tin & lead alloys.
  • Specification
  • The rights for our change specifications.
  • Burners
    • D:Diesel
    • G:Gas
    • E:Electric

Zip Slider Head Making Machines

  • Zip Slider Making Machines
    • LS-001
    • LS-002
    • LS-003
  • Zip Slider Moulds etc.

Top Quality
   Optimal Performance
      High Efficiency
         High Precision

Bolt、Screw and Nut Making Machines

  • Bolt Former

  • Heading Machine

  • Thread Rolling Machine

  • Screws、Bolts、Rivets Manufacturing Die and Parts
  • Automatic Tubular Rivet Making Machine
  • Nut Former

  • Tapping Machine

  • Punching Dies

  • Heading Dies

PVC Shrinkable Film

  • Blown Film and Tender Films

Laminated foil/film for Packaging Application

  • Industrial Cpmposite Films

Aluminum Foils with or without Fibreglass Net for air conditioner, air hose cover etc. use

  • Wire & Cable Related Materials

one side , double sides aluminum PET films, one side, double sides butterfly style aluminum PET films, PET films for electronic ,computer,signal communication for high frequency transmission, it can be shield or isolate disturbance of the radio wave and anti-conduct ,voltage wearable.

  • EIestronic Packing Material

Anti-static metal bags, films, aluminum PET bags for Electronic Component, PC Board etc.

Other Engineering Equipments

  • Screws
  • Barrels (Cylinders)
  • Barrels Parts
  • Gear Box
  • Air Rings